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Warmly congratulate the Chinese calligraphy and Painting Art Development Research Institute of British agency was established, the Chinese painting is a Chinese painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute was established in England in the general agent. There is a need to Chinese painting friends here to choose, welcome to care!

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Chinese painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute

Address: Beijing City, Xuanwu District at 114 West Street

e-mail : ccpaa@yahoo.com.cn

British agent phone: +44(0)7508511581

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No wei east, people also, rock, pen name: old guns. Famous painter, calligrapher, photographer, poet; Member, standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, member of China democratic construction society, vice President of federation of industry and commerce, industry and commerce association, vice President of, square gallery director. A child learning calligraphy and painting and poetry, favored by Chinese and western HuaLi, heilongjiang university graduated from Chinese department of journalism, the study of lu xun academy of fine arts in the traditional Chinese painting class. Former China optimization newspaper reporter, information and decision-making newspaper reporters, art editor, assistant managing editor, xinhua news agency sports express reporter, correspondent station; The Chinese news media press President, China quality of news magazine President and chief editor, the development of Chinese painting and calligraphy art research institute, Chinese painting and calligraphy artist association, chairman of the Chinese culture and art talent management center, deputy director of the; Was the founder of the colored rice paper painting and silk painting; Society



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 Chinese painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute

                                                    Address: Beijing City, Xuanwu District at 114 West Street

                                                     Telephone:0086-010-51297907     0086-15810425110

British agent: +44(0)7508511581

e-mail:   am12pm@hotmail.co.uk